In With The Sharks



After spending a decent amount of time searching for an excellent blog covering ABC’s television series, “Shark Tank”, I was left scratching my head. For such an awesome show, I felt that there was room for improvement… A blog. Not a blog that sends a user digging through advertisements to find content, nor a site that just contains promo’s for specific products and over about the show.

This is why In With The Sharks was created. I’m not in it for the money, but rather because I truly admire the television show Shark Tank. The “Sharks”, the inventors, and the entrepreneurial-spirit of the show keep me coming back. This blog was created so that fans, followers, companies, investors, and friends can come to find the most up-to-date report of Shark Tank.



This was created so that anyone can go back and look at all of the past 5 seasons of Shark Tank. Each company is listed with 3 others, and all separated by episode.

Within the Seasons tab, you will find the following information about all companies that have ever been on Shark Tank:

  • Company Name
  • Link to Company Website
  • Product Description
  • Geographical Location
  • Social Media Links
  • Funded or Not Funded (Final Result of Shark Tank)
  • If funded, Investor Name
  • Investor amount and precent of equity purchased



This is just a simple outline of all of the Sharks. Included are their hometown, how they got started, and a little about their personality on the show.


The Blog

I already touched on a little bit of this above, but the blog will be the “hub” of Shark Tank.