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  Although we likely have to wait until the fall for another fantastic season of Shark Tank, here are nine inspiring tweets from the Sharks during Season 9.   1. “I believe if you’re lucky enough to be successful you have the responsibility to give back” – Lori Greiner   2. “Get up early – […]

The Sharks are back! We’re excited to see all-new contestants step into the Shark Tank on Sunday night. Here is a quick preview on the companies that will appear in the new episode on 10/15/17.   BenjiLock The lock of the future has arrived and it truly is a problem-solver. Benjilock is a rechargeable padlock […]

After a successful Season 8 of Shark Tank, we collected a handful of quotes that we found insightful and wanted to share! 1. “Live and learn, grasshopper!” Kevin O’ Leary 2. “When something is crowded like that, I’m out.” Lori Greiner 3. “Know what business you’re in.” Mark Cuban 4. “I liked the product but I […]

Shark Tank Season 8 – Episode 18 Preview Here is a quick preview on the companies that will be stepping into the Shark Tank on Friday night (2/24/17).   SandCloud SandCloud believes that the beach lifestyle is something you never have to grow out of. The company has created unique and beautiful beach towels to enjoy the […]

Shark Tank Season 8 – Episode 9 Preview Here is a quick preview on the companies that will be stepping into the Shark Tank on Friday night (11/18/16).   PupBox Raising a puppy can be pretty tough, but PupBox is here to make things easier for you! PupBox has made it a mission to, “help you navigate the […]

Good evening Shark Tank nation. After an eventful Friday night in the Shark Tank, here is a quick recap on what happened!   Solemates Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown stepped into the Shark Tank first introducing the company, Solemates. The team pitched their product seeking $500k for 10% of the business. Solemates are a heel cap […]

Good morning Shark Tank fans! Over the past seven seasons, we have seen hundreds of incredible and inventive Shark Tank contestants from across the country. Today, we are thrilled to cover three exceptional bearded contestants from the show.   Beard Head It was a beautiful but bitter-cold day on the Lake Tahoe ski slopes for David […]

Shark Tank Season 7 Update      This season we’ve had 100 contestants appear on ABC’s Shark Tank! Although the season hasn’t wrapped up quite yet, here are a few cool stats covering season 7:   Since the first episode of Season 7, 100 companies have appeared in 25 episodes 58 Contestants have walked away with a […]

Loliware Why throw it away when you can eat it? Loliware has created a cup that is completely edible. Derived from organic fruits and vegetables, Loliware cups have a variety of uses and can be consumed after use!   Nerdwax The wax that keeps your glasses on your nose. Anyone else tired of slipping glasses? […]