ABC Shark Tank Episode 7 Preview


Here is a quick preview on the companies stepping into the tank on Friday night!

MySelf Belts

Myself Belts is a mom-invented, award-winning line of children’s and toddler belts. After kids become potty-trained, founders Talia and her sister created a belt that would be easier for children to use. More importantly, they are fun! From racecar belts to pirate belts, MySelf Belts carries it all. It is the new solution as an ‘easy-to-use’ belt for toddlers. This should be an idea the sharks will be all over. If I had to guess, I would bet Daymond John will go in on this deal!




beardbrand logo
It’s not just your typical beard-cream; it is a “movement for urban beardsmen and the bearded lifestyle”. Eric Bandholz founded BeardBrand after traveling to Portland, Oregon for the 2012 West Coast Beard & Mustache Championships. Originally, Eric started a blog where he gave beard-growing advice, but it was always his goal to sell tools for beard-growers. Beard oils, mustache wax, trimming scissors, combs, toiletry bags, and much more are all offered on the BeardBrand site. The company has grown from a $30 investment to a dominating, & pristine beard-grooming hub. I can imagine that Eric needs some help scaling his business. I bet Mr. Wonderful will be slightly intimidated as Eric has more hair on his face than on Kevin’s head…. Really excited about this team and the pitch! Best of luck to Eric and BeardBrand.

Check out this awesome Shopify blog post on BeardBrand!



A Better Way To Train


Patrick Whaley, founder of Titin, had the business sketched out since he was a little kid. In elementary school, he would stack his books in his backpack to gain muscle. Years later, Patrick was tragically injured in a robbery but was determined to get his product out there. After an inspiring comeback, Patrick launched “Titin Tech”. This product is a fitted, weighted training gear that helps improve workouts for any type. The gear is designed to lie across your major muscles instead of your joints, providing natural movement. I can see Titin becoming a top selling item to crossfit athletes, football players, and competitive trainers alike. It is a tough market, but Patrick has an inspiring story and is delivering an incredible product. Hopefully a shark will bite on this one!





There’s always that one girl who thinks it’s a good idea to take over the mike at a karaoke party. Then comes the headache once she starts belting Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believin’”, in a less than impressive tone…Yikes. However, there is hope on the horizon. It’s called SingTrix. This product is designed for anyone to sing, regardless of natural ability. SingTrix instantly gives you the voice you’ve always wanted. Essentially, the product takes your average vocal abilities, and turns it into the life of the party. There is incredible opportunity in the market available to SingTrix. If scaled and marketed correctly, the product could easily take over bars across the country and become the new way to throw a karaoke party. Will there be enough, “cash flowwwww” for Mr. Wonderful to bite? We’ll find out on Friday. Good luck SingTrix! We’ll be rooting for you.



Make sure to tune in to ABC on Friday at 8/7CT for Episode 7!

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