After a successful Season 8 of Shark Tank, we collected a handful of quotes that we found insightful and wanted to share!

1. “Live and learn, grasshopper!” Kevin O’ Leary

2. “When something is crowded like that, I’m out.” Lori Greiner

3. “Know what business you’re in.” Mark Cuban

4. “I liked the product but I have to get excited about products I invest in.” Lori Greiner

5. “I make millionaires.” Lori Greiner

6. “Very important to establish the brand with valuable quality products, not just social media numbers.” Robert Herjavec

7. “You’re not getting a nickel until you show me you can sell!” Mark Cuban

8. “One of the biggest rules to entrepreneurial success is knowing when an idea isn’t doing anything but drain your savings.” Kevin O’ Leary

9. “Shark Tank fans, you could have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have a marketing strategy, you’re setting urself up for failure.” Daymond John

10. “A moment of silence for the money that just died.” Kevin O’ Leary