Episode 5 Preview


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Last week was another awesome episode on ABC’s Shark Tank. With only a few days before the next episode, a quick preview is definitely needed.


Here are details, predictions, and a little on what to expect!



The couple from Orem, Utah has a great idea that could steal the hearts of playground kids all over the states. Jungle Jumparoo is essentially a bouncy inner tube with protective standing poles to in the middle to use for balance and prevent injuries. The whole idea of non-electronic toys has been exploding according to Mr. Wonderful, so I’m interested to see how the Sharks react to this product. What I like about this idea? The toy opens up tons of creativity from kids, it’s different than most playground toys out there… According to Jungle Jumparoo it’s a “wild way to bounce”. Best of luck to the team from Jungle Jumparoo!

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Boutique Power House

Diana, owner of Red Dress Boutique, is knocking down doors with her retail business. Red Dress Boutique states that, Diana quit her “secure but soul-crushing” cubicle job to start the business out of her own bedroom. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Diana Harbour went from 70K in sales to $7.1 million in just three years. With the company crushing it in sales, a publicity play is probably the reason this team is entering the Shark Tank. Make no mistake; the Red Dress Boutique will be absolutely swamped with business within minutes after the Shark Tank airs. Additionally, I’d imagine that Diana wants someone like Lori or Daymond on her team to pick up even more steam in the retail industry.

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Caddy Girls!

Meghan Tarmey, a graduate from Coastal Carolina University, is the founder of Caddy Girls. What is it you might ask? Golfers can hire a model for 18 holes to carry their clubs, give advice, etc. I am curious to see how sales have been like for Caddy Girls and how the plan on expanding the business across the states. Currently, the girls caddy in 14 states but plan on expanding their caddy service quickly. Best of luck to Caddy Girls!


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Simple and Brilliant

Bad news? I’ve never been able to grow a strong mustache. Good news? There is hope on the horizon, it’s called Sun-Stache. Plastic sunglasses combined with a hanging mustache to add some style. I don’t think that I would wear these on a typical fishing trip, but I can imagine that these will be a killer seller in party stores and Halloween costume set-ups. I’m excited to hear the margins on the sunglasses, as their website advertises at 12.99. If these are a hot seller, I bet one of the Sharks will bite on this deal. Unsure who has the best connections with plastic sunglass manufacturers, but the Shark with the best connection will likely bite on this deal.

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Make sure to tune in to ABC on Friday at 8/7CT for Episode 5!

Images used for this post is from ABC / Shark Tank, Caddy GirlsSun-StacheRed Dress Boutique, and Jungle Jumparoo