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Shark Tank Episode 4 Preview

We are quickly approaching episode 4 of ABC’s Shark Tank. Here are a few details, predictions, and a little on what to expect!



Kimberly Aya from Grandville, Michigan has an idea that is definitely one for the ages… Rent a cake! Yes, you heard that correctly. After hearing complaints from dozens of brides on how expensive wedding cakes are these days, Kimberly found a solution. She came up with a cake that is real fondant and gum-paste on the outside, while the inside is completely Styrofoam. Cake Rental’s website tells clients that, “Each cake has a section on the bottom tier, in the back, where real cake can be placed, hidden under the fondant. This way you can still cut the cake and feed each other, getting all of your photos. Then wheel the cake to the back and serve sheet cake to your guests!” I’m very curious how sales have been for FunCakes, their projections, and if they really have found a niche that could potentially save tons of money for plenty of future brides out there. Best of luck to FunCakes!



Something in me says that the Sharks will swarm over the “Reviver” come Friday night. Ben and Eric Kusin from Dallas, Texas will hope to get an investment from a Shark with their genius, revolutionary odor eliminating dry swipe. According to, “Reviver Clothing Swipes are a revolutionary odor eliminating dry swipe that allow you to instantly and discreetly swipe away unwanted aromas that cling to clothes and hair”. I can imagine that the Sharks will want to know what separates Reviver from things like Febreeze, but this product should be a seller because they’ve reached a great price point. Most importantly, Reviver doesn’t have much of a competitor at the moment, which will be a big plus in the eyes of the Sharks.

Check out this YouTube video on Reviver!


Way to go, Dad

Noah Cahoon of Roy, Utah has a brilliant head on his young shoulders. The inspiring thirteen year-old accomplished one of his life goals to run his own company. After spending countless hours with his father building cardboard airplanes, they decided to print their own stickers on card-stock to re-create an awesome pilot-cardboard cockpit. These stickers are really intricate and I would have done just about anything at 9 years old to have some of these to turn my grocery store box into a legendary airplane. I hope the sharks bite on this one, because this kid seems like a real winner. Are they just selling stickers, you might ask? Yes. But they give kids the wings and vision to create their own jets too. The product encourages recycling, creativity, and their website is eye-catching. I’m rooting for Noah on Friday night!

Maybe it’s cool…?

Inventor Steve Christian from Houston, Texas has come up with a “car jack” but for tables (Table Jack). Nothing bothers me more than a wobbly table when I go out to eat with friends at a restaurant. Countless times I have wadded up a couple of napkins to solve the problem, but you and I both know that it’s just a quick fix that never really seems to fix the issue. However, Steve has gotten his product out the door and is currently used by big names like Saltgrass Steakhouse, Jason’s Deli, and Applebee’s. Could this new product be a staple at any restaurant or café? We’ll find out if the Sharks think so!


We are really excited to see how these products will pan out here in a couple of days. I’m hoping to see a ruthless Robert Herjavec, a new killer power suit from Daymond John, and for Kevin O’Leary to strike his first deal of the season. Make sure to check it out! Friday on ABC at 9/8CT.


Image used for this post is from ABC / Shark Tank.