After reviewing the past 5 Season’s of Shark Tank, it’s crazy to think about the time and money that has been put into all of these companies. The show had me pondering, “I wonder how much Stake each of these investors have in companies from Shark Tank”? I decided it would be awesome to┬ápost a few stats regarding the “Sharks” and the results from their feeding frenzies over the past 5 seasons.


Shark Leaderboard

Mark Cuban $13,420,000 23.97%
Lori Greiner $5,494,166 21.34%
Robert Herjavec $5,541,666 19.9%
Daymond John $4,916,500 30%
Kevin O’Leary $4,396,666.67 19.6%
Barbara Corcoran $3,832,500 26.9%



Most invested for least amount of equity?

Mark Cuban Ten Thirty One Productions $2,000,000 20%