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It may have seemed like forever, but the day finally came. Shark Tank’s back. Friday was worth every minute of the build-up and anticipation. Plenty of jokes were made to Kevin about “Royalty” deals, and Barbara Corcoran even shed a few tears. Mark even brought his daughters into a deal!


Here are a few tid-bits, favorites, and dumpster fires.

Favorite: The tank was swarming when the couple from Fort Worth walked through the doors with their new product, “Zipadee”. The product essentially provides a baby a “womb-like” environment and the freedom to roll over safely. They had the sharks convinced with the statement that parents now can have “the most valuable commodity… sleep!”

Zipadee ended up striking a deal with Daymond John at 200K for 20% equity


Dumpster Fire: Two fine gentlemen from Las Vegas drove right into the tank with their new mini van. However, this is no ordinary van. The “Wedding Wagon” was started by these two in the heart of the marriage capital of the world. The service is a phone call away, and conducts a marriage with a licensed officiator and even a photographer. Although their sales were great over the past year, there was an issue. A very very big issue…. They sold the rights to their van for $125K in Las Vegas. As Barbara made it clear to the inventors, “you gave away your show and tell!”. After learning this news, all of the investors were quick to get out. No deal for the Wedding Wagon.


Inspiring: A former strategic business consultant and friend proposed their idea, “Kronos”. The guys have invented a new, state-of the art, high performance golf putter. Although their sales show promise for the future, the sharks were sad to discover that 95% of Kronos’ sales were in Japan. Tears were shed when the sharks learned that CEO and inventor Phillip Lapuz needed to afford to bring his fiancée to America from Japan. After discovering Phillip’s passion for the business, Robert Herjavec struck a deal for 150K for 30% equity.


Overall, Season 6 of ABC’s “Shark Tank” started off with a bang. The anticipation is building for tomorrow night’s episode!


Images used for this post is from ABC / Shark Tank.