Shark Tank Season 6 – Episode 9 Preview



Here is a quick preview on the companies that will be stepping into the Shark Tank on Friday night (11/14).


Squatty Potty


The new and innovative toilet stool is finally here… Squatty Potty! The product is designed for the healthiest form of toilet posture. By aligning your colon, the Squatty Potty revolutionizes the way you use the restroom. The company claims that “Proper Toilet Posture Makes All The Difference”, and that a healthy colon means a happy life. Not to mention, the “Tao Bamboo” is nothing short of incredible. A bamboo potty stool? Count me in. I am predicting strong sales from Squatty Potty and a bight from someone like Mr. Wonderful.



Heidi Ho


After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu and polishing her culinary skills on the shores of Hawaii, Heidi Lovig developed an incredible passion for cooking, and cheese! Heidi moved to Portland, Oregon where she founded Heidi Ho. The idea? “To make delicious plant-based ‘cheezes’ using extraordinary ingredients that are healthier for you and the planet.” By selling cheese, that is nothing short of spectacular, Heidi Ho aims to produce healthy, plant-based cheezes for the world to enjoy. I can image that the company is doing very well as they are already in organic food stores stretching across the states. Also, in the past several years, it seems many special diets that reluctantly eliminate dairy. They are most likely looking for a Shark to advice them on how to scale their cheeze business and take it to the next level!



Storm Stoppers


John Smith of Orlando, Florida used components from his previous business (Collegiate hub caps), to create Storm Stoppers. After Florida was hit from big hurricanes like Frances and Ivan, John took matters into his own hands. Instead of relying on traditional plywood, John created an alternative that has proved to stand against hurricane driving winds. Storm Stoppers have a simple “Do-It-Yourself” installation that can save hours of backbreaking manual labor.
Check out this awesome YouTube video of Storm Stoppers! Best of luck to John and his team in the Shark Tank.






Gluten Free, Non-GMO, All Natural, Vegan, Whole Grain, and the list goes on. Jeff and Jen Martin created a popcorn that meets all of those categories. In addition to being a safe treat for allergy and health-conscious consumers, many customers also rave that the kernels are much smaller and more delicate, so they don’t get stuck in your teeth like your normal microwave popcorn. PipCorn is the healthy and organic choice for popcorn, free from fatty butter and cheeses.


Check out PipSnacks trendy website!



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