Episode 8 Recap – Veterans Shark Tank


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Here is a quick recap on what went on in the Shark Tank on Friday night! (11/7)


Natural Grip – 100K for 20%

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After 15 months overseas and many accomplished missions fighting for our country, Ashley Drake from Louisville, Kentucky founded Natural Grip. Ashley knew her product was a winner well before stepping into the Shark Tank, as she voiced that she simply “can’t keep up with the high demand”. In fact, her husband even quit his job to go “all in” on the Natural Grip. The product is the only re-usable grip on the market, marketed towards Crossfit and gym users. The grip is specialized to your ring size, so the fit is snug and is a whole lot better than buying gym gloves. Natural Grip did an impressive 178K in sales over the past 12 months.

Lori: “I’m not feeling the passion” – She was out.
Robert: After an impressive amount of pull-ups, offered 125K for 25%
Mark: “Didn’t see what was next” – Mark was out.
Kevin: “Can’t get excited about it” – He was out
Daymond: Offered 100K for 40%, then 100K for 33%


Deal with Robert Herjavec, 125K for 25%!



Priority 1 Canine – 75K for 15%

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Lori from Columbus, Ohio was looking for a Shark to team up with to help scale her business, Priority 1 Canine. After an impressive demonstration by one of the canine’s in front of the Sharks, the team gave an awesome pitch. The idea is simple; professionally-raised security canines. We learned that every dog is hand selected for a buyer’s personal needs. The company even comes to your house for a few days to get the dog used to its new owners. With 3 different training packages, the founders offer a variety of dog security options to customers.

Lori: “It would be hard to contribute” – She was out
Robert: “Not an investor, maybe a customer” – Robert was out.
Mark: “It’s going to take more time than what the reward would be” – He was out.
Kevin: “I don’t see unlimited scalability” – Mr. Wonderful didn’t bite.
Daymond: “I can’t turn your business into a big business” – Daymond was out.


No Deal for Priority 1 Canine.



Man-Pack – 200K for 29%

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Veteran Aaron Tweedie stepped into the tank next looking for a 200K investment for 29% equity in his business. Man-Pack, the vertical message bag designed for manly men, was developed by Aaron after needing a durable bag to make it through long days working as a general contractor. The Sharks were disappointed in his sales, although Aaron had only recently opened his awesome online store.

Kevin: “I’d have to own about 260% of the company” – Kevin was out.
Mark: “Hard to scale” – Mr. Cuban was out.
Daymond: “You don’t have a sense of financial intelligence when it comes to operating this business” – Daymond didn’t bite.
Robert: “Not going to do it in the timeframe that I want to do it in” – He was out
Lori: “Not sure how many people will buy the product” – She was out.


No Deal for Man-Pack. Great pitch from Aaron though!



Bottle Breacher – 150K for 10%

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Eli and Jen Crane were up last in the Shark Tank, looking for a 150K investment for 10% of their business. The team’s idea, Bottle Breacher, is the “finest personalized .50Cal bottle opener on the market”. Perfect for a groomsmen gift, the couple had done more than 500K in sales over the past year and was projecting over 850K in the coming year. The sharks were very impressed with the sales numbers and the excellent branding.

Robert: “Clear the field so you can consider other offers” – He was out
Kevin: Offered 150K for 20%
Lori: “I like big markets, don’t think this is right for me” – Lori was out.
Mark: Offered to go in on Kevin’s deal and split it.
Daymond: Offered 200K for 25%


Deal with Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban, 150K for 20%. Congrats Bottle Breacher!


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Photo’s from ABC’s Shark Tank.