Shark Tank Season 7 Update

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This season we’ve had 100 contestants appear on ABC’s Shark Tank! Although the season hasn’t wrapped up quite yet, here are a few cool stats covering season 7:


  1. Since the first episode of Season 7, 100 companies have appeared in 25 episodes
  2. 58 Contestants have walked away with a deal!
  3. 42 Contestants left without a shark
  4. Over $19M has been invested in Shark Tank contestants this season. ($19,395,999 to be exact)
  5. Lori Greiner has the most cash invested in Shark Tank contestants this season
  6. In addition to cash invested, Lori has invested in the greatest amount Shark Tank companies this season (24)
  7. Barbara Corcoran has invested in the fewest (6)
  8. Barbara has the highest average equity percentage in the companies she has invested in (20.4%)

Cash Invested
Equity Percentage
Lori Greiner $6,203,333 14.8%
Mark Cuban $5,995,000 12.8%
Robert Herjavec $2,049,333 14.1%
Kevin O’ Leary $2,013,333 17.7%
Daymond John $1,245,000 19.5%
Barbara Corcoran $1,020,000 20.4%
Chris Sacca (Guest) $620,000 5.2%
Ashton Kutcher (Guest) $250,000 13%


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Photos: ABC Shark Tank