Why throw it away when you can eat it? Loliware has created a cup that is completely edible. Derived from organic fruits and vegetables, Loliware cups have a variety of uses and can be consumed after use!

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The wax that keeps your glasses on your nose. Anyone else tired of slipping glasses? Problem solved. This beeswax based blend is excellent for your skin and will keep your glasses on your nose!

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It is an unpleasant experience trying to keep tabs on your socks. This product will keep you from ever losing a pair of your favorite socks during the wash period! Socktabs is a tab that fits on one of your socks that can be simply attached to the other in order to keep them together.

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This is a breakthrough luggage product simplifying the travel experience. Trunkster has a zipperless entry and a digital scale to ease your packing troubles. The luggage can charge your phone and make your travels much more enjoyable.

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Beard Head

Keep your face warm and look cool while wearing it. Beard Head provides a warm knit beanie and face protection from frigid conditions. By combining a beanie, cap, and hat, this beard facemask is a stylish way to fight the cold.

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Two military spouses created a handbag that has a movement behind the product. Not only are these American made handbags built with beautiful leather that lasts, Riveter provides portable careers to military spouses.

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Dealing with speeding tickets can be a huge hassle. The founders of Fixed have created an app that assists you in the ticket removal process. Pulled over for speeding? Simply take a picture of the ticket with your phone, and let Fixed deal with the rest.

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