Shark Tank Episode 16 Recap

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Here is a quick recap on what happened last Friday night (1/30/15) in the Shark Tank!



Victoria’s Kitchen – $200K for 20%

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David and Deborah were first up in the Shark Tank on Friday night with their company, Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water. After growing up drinking grandmother’s delicious almond water, David decided to take the recipe and start the family business. They began making the beverage for friends and eventually quit their jobs and took the business full-time. This almond water only has 110 calories and is sold in over 800 stores nationwide. This vegan, organic, and GMO-Free product is a tasty beverage!


Mark: “If you had of walked in with a 0 calorie, I would have been all over it!” – He was out.
Barbara: “Doesn’t think $200K is going to be enough” to get the product out – She was out.
Robert: “You can’t please everybody” – Robert was out.
Lori: “Lot of work to do” – She was out.
Kevin: “I’d have to spend too much time” – He was out.


No Deal for Victoria’s Kitchen.



GreenBox – $300K for 10%

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Jen and Ned from New York City stepped into the Shark Tank looking for a 300K investment for 10% of their company. GreenBox is an eco-friendly pizza box that is a solution to an, “age-old problem that has never been fixed”. The GreenBox is made from 100% recyclable material and breaks down into 4 pizza plates, saving throwaway paper plates. Additionally, the bottom of the box turns into a storage container that easily fits into the fridge, while also eliminates the need for aluminum foil and saran wrap. The company has done over 1.7 million dollars in sales and is looking for a shark to help them take the eco-friendly pizza box to the next level.


Mark: “Too much money” – He was out
Barbara: “Don’t believe in the product enough”
Robert: Offers 300K for 30%, contingent upon getting a licensing deal
Lori: Teamed up with Robert’s deal
Kevin: Offers 300K for 10% after licensing deal.


Deal with Kevin O’ Leary, $300K for 10%!



Tycoon Real Estate – 50K for 5%

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Aaron McDaniel, founder of Tycoon Real Estate was up next in the Shark Tank. This San Francisco company has created a way to bring crowd-funding for real estate investments. Aaron explained that traditional real estate investing is only really accessible to the wealthy, so he created a way for individuals of all incomes to have the opportunity to invest. The Tycoon Real Estate platform is a crowd-funding investing program that allows everyday people to invest with a minimum of $1,000. If the funding on a project isn’t met, no one is charged. Aaron takes a management fund of 1.25% of the amount raised.


Mark: “I hate it” – He was the first to jump out
Barbara: “Got to trust the opinion of who is behind it” – She was out
Robert: “This is not a safe investment” – He was out
Lori: “Risky and uncomfortable” – She was out
Kevin: Makes an offer 50K for 50%


No Deal for Tycoon Real Estate.



PhoneSoap: 300K for 7.5%

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Cousins Dan and Wes were the last company to enter the Shark Tank on Friday night with their inventive phone-cleaning product, PhoneSoap. The product is a plastic box with UV lights inside that wipe out 99.99% of all bacteria that live on your phone. Dan and Wes argue that alcohol wipes can damage phones, but their product is completely compatible and safe for any cell phone. The team has done 537K in sales over the past 6 months and sells their product in 400 Staples stores across the country.


Mark: Offers 300K for 20%, contingent upon the company being able to deliver a unit that has a quicker charge time and a cheaper price
Barbara: “It’s not portable – too bulky” – She was out.
Robert: “I don’t need a tanning bed for my phone” – He was out.
Lori: Offers 300K for 10%
Kevin: Offers 300K for a royalty $6 a unit until 300K, drops to $3 per unit until he acquires $1.2M.


Deal with Lori Greiner, 300K for 10%!



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Photo’s from ABC’s Shark Tank.