Shark Tank Episode 18 Recap

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Here is a quick recap on what happened last Friday night (2/6/15) in the Shark Tank!



Himalayan Dog Chew – $750K for 5%

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Suman, Sujan and Nishes, founders of Himalayan Dog Chew, started the company after moving to America from Nepal. This dog chew is far from ordinary as it is 100% authentic and organic cheese turned into a delicious dog treat. With only 4 ingredients these friends have made a spectacular chew for your pet! The company has done over $5.6 million dollars in sales by selling over 1 million packages of their chew. Himalayan Dog Chew is currently located in over 6,000 stores across the country and projects to do over 8 million dollars in sales this year. These friends stepped into the shark tank looking for a shark to take the business to the next level!


Mark: “You don’t need us” – He was out
Lori: Goes in on Kevin’s offer
Daymond: “Not interested in the moment” – He was out
Robert: Goes in on Kevin’s offer
Kevin: Offers to lend 750K as a loan at 15% and in return get a 10% stake


No Deal for Himalayan Dog Chew.



Lip Bar – $125K for 20%

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Melissa and Roscoe from Brooklyn, New York were up next in the Shark Tank with their business Lip Bar. These all organic and vegan lipsticks are all homemade by the two friends and come in a wide variety of colors. Additionally, the product is organic and vegan, staying away from the typical chemicals used making traditional lipsticks. Melissa and Roscoe launched their website and have done 107K in the past 2 years running the small business.


Mark: “Too over the top” – Mark was out
Lori: “Too much competition” – She was out
Daymond: “It’s lipstick” – He was out
Robert: “Not buying it” – Mr. Herjavec was out
Kevin: “Don’t waste your time selling lipstick” – He was out


No Deal for Lip Bar.



BevBoy – $50K for 15%

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Kevin Waltermire was up next in the Shark Tank looking for a Shark to team up with him as he pushes his new coozie product. Kevin founded “BevBoy” after he saw a need to keep drinks afloat! This product has a weight extension that rests below the coozie giving it a constant center of gravity. The BevBoy can withstand small waves, splashes, and drops, keeping your drink from spilling into the water. The company has done $10.5K in revenue over the past 6 months and has fantastic margins.


Mark: “Anyone who refuses to take an order form to a trade show…” – He was out
Lori: Offers $50K for 30%, contingent on getting into a big box store
Daymond: Offers $50K for 35%
Robert: “It’s not flying off the shelf” – He was out
Kevin: “This idea is so bad” – He was out


Deal with Daymond John, $50K for 35%!



FunBites – $75K for 20%

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Bobbie was the last contestant to enter the Shark Tank on Friday night with her innovative idea, FunBites. This product is a simple plastic piece that cuts foods into all sorts of shapes and small sizes. Studies show that if you allow children to play with their food they are more prone to trying new and healthier foods. Bobbie took this study and created a product that adapted to the idea! The fun and simple product has done over $150K in sales over the past year. Additionally, the company has shown attention from big stores like Target and even Disney.


Mark: Didn’t get a chance to offer!
Lori: Offers $75K for 25%
Daymond: Offers $100K for 25%
Robert: “I am always nervous when there is another alternative” – He was out
Kevin: “I just don’t see it” – He was out


Deal with Lori Greiner, $75K for 25%!


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