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Watching Shark Tank isn’t mindless entertainment; the show is extremely valuable. After 6 Seasons of carefully following Shark Tank, I can tell you that the television series is comparable to taking a finance, marketing, and entrepreneur class all at once. A mini-MBA, if you will. The Sharks are savvy and smart. The ideas that enter the Shark Tank are innovative and clever. Whether you are a young and eager entrepreneur or a soon-to-be retiring businessman, the show can teach you a thing or two.


Below are 11 stats about the Shark Tank investors and contestants that you may find interesting.


    1. There have been 6 seasons of Shark Tank since it first aired in August of 2009
    2. Over the course of 6 seasons, 495 different companies have pitched to the Sharks
    3. A total of $63,509,833.34 has been invested into Shark Tank companies
    4. Of the $63M, here are the Investment Leaders:


1. Mark Cuban $18,329,166.67
2. Robert Herjavec $16,574,166.67
3. Lori Greiner $8,365,000.00
4. Kevin O’ Leary $7,990,000.00
5. Daymond John $7,551,500.00
6. Barbara Corcoran $4,700,000.00


  1. Equity Leaders (or as I would call them, “the best negotiators”): This is the average equity each investor has across the board in their Shark Tank companies
1. Daymond John 28.41%
2. Barbara Corcoran 25.69%
3. Mark Cuban 21.74%
4. Lori Greiner 21.53%
5. Kevin O’ Leary 20.64%
6. Robert Herjavec 19.66%


    1. 417 of the 495 contestants on Shark Tank have a physical or shippable product
    2. Of the 417 Shark Tank companies that sell products online, 26.3% use Shopify as their e-commerce shopping cart
    3. 422 of the 495 contestants on Shark Tank are still in business
    4. 29% of all Shark Tank contestants are from California (142)
    5. Each contestant has a 51% chance to strike a deal with a Shark. 250 of the 495 contestants have left with a deal.
    6. Below are the amount of Shark Tank deals made per season:


Season 1 27
Season 2 18
Season 3 28
Season 4 52
Season 5 60
Season 6 65
Total 250

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Photo from ABC Shark Tank