Contestant Story – The GameFace Company

Every contestant that appears on Shark Tank has a story. We enjoy hearing a little more about them! Today’s story comes from The GameFace Company.


Answers by:
Doug Marshall, President


1) What inspired the awesome idea for The GameFace Company?

The tattooface came to me in a dream.  I dreamt I was at a football game and the guys sitting next to me had painted their face.  The paint was coming off in the heat and making a big mess.  In my dream I came up with a full-face temporary tattoo that would replace face paint.  Later we developed the peel away face tattoo that we have today on  And then we developed the SportFace that applies without the need for water on It truly was a gift from God.


2) What is the best part about working/operating a cool company like GameFace?

Every day is different here at The GameFace Company.  We get calls and emails from people all over the world.  Some want a certain face design and others want to be distributors in their country.  We have 18 international distributors now and more signing up.

3) Since appearing on Shark Tank, what have been a few challenges?

Running your own business is the biggest challenge.  You have to keep an eye on everything to make sure things go right.  It’s kind of like being that big eye tower in “Lord of the Rings”.slideshow_1

4) What is it like working with Mark and Lori?

Mark and Lori pretty much expect you to run your business.  They are there for advice if you need them but you have to make the day-to-day decisions and have the vision for the company.

5) In what ways was Shark Tank beneficial for your company?

Airing on Shark Tank allowed The GameFace Company to be instantly known all over the world.  The airing gave us a large boost in sales on our website but mostly promoted the product to distributors.  This allowed us to be exposed to retail accounts across the U.S.  The airing continues to air through syndication.  We always know what country our show aired in recently by the requests we get on our website and the phone calls we get.


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