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ABC Shark Tank Episode 7 Preview   Here is a quick preview on the companies stepping into the tank on Friday night!         MySelf Belts Myself Belts is a mom-invented, award-winning line of children’s and toddler belts. After kids become potty-trained, founders Talia and her sister created a belt that would be […]

Get Caught Up!   Here is a quick recap on what went on in the tank on Friday night:   Oilerie Curt Campbell from Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, stepped into the tank first looking for a 500K investment for 35% of his business. After taking a trip to Poland and spending a great deal of time […]

In case you missed Shark Tank on Friday night… we’re here to fill you in!   Here is a quick recap on what went on in the tank on Friday night:   Jungle Jumparoo First in the tank were Rachel and Steve from Jungle Jumparoo. While growing up on the farm, Rachel’s favorite play toy was […]

Episode 5 Preview   Last week was another awesome episode on ABC’s Shark Tank. With only a few days before the next episode, a quick preview is definitely needed.   Here are details, predictions, and a little on what to expect!   Jump! The couple from Orem, Utah has a great idea that could steal […]

Shark Tank Episode 4 Preview We are quickly approaching episode 4 of ABC’s Shark Tank. Here are a few details, predictions, and a little on what to expect!   Hilarious Kimberly Aya from Grandville, Michigan has an idea that is definitely one for the ages… Rent a cake! Yes, you heard that correctly. After hearing […]

  It may have seemed like forever, but the day finally came. Shark Tank’s back. Friday was worth every minute of the build-up and anticipation. Plenty of jokes were made to Kevin about “Royalty” deals, and Barbara Corcoran even shed a few tears. Mark even brought his daughters into a deal!   Here are a […]

After reviewing the past 5 Season’s of Shark Tank, it’s crazy to think about the time and money that has been put into all of these companies. The show had me pondering, “I wonder how much Stake each of these investors have in companies from Shark Tank”? I decided it would be awesome to post a […]

The investors, or “sharks,” have sat through 93 episodes and have heard 377 pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs. Together, they have invested over $20 million in 109 different companies. These entrepreneurs have managed to make 186 deals with the sharks, but only a third of the deals made on the show actually close. Why is this? 25% of startups fail  in […]

In With The Sharks Welcome.   After spending a decent amount of time searching for an excellent blog covering ABC’s television series, “Shark Tank”, I was left scratching my head. For such an awesome show, I felt that there was room for improvement… A blog. Not a blog that sends a user digging through advertisements […]